Organic May Chamomile Tea

1-It grows wild by itself in nature.

2-There has been no fire in the last three years in the areas where we collect

3-A chemical struggle, aerial spraying has not been done in the last three years.

4- There is no human saving in our products.

May chamomile, Latin Matricaria Chamomilla var. Recutita, also known as German chamomile tea.

It is a type of daisy that grows spontaneously in the natural environment of the Marmara region of our country.

May chamomile production registered for the first time in our country 2015

It was produced by our company after five years of meticulous work.

From the branch to the cup, there is no human factor in between.

It has not been cultivated or cultivated by us.

There is no human savings on our product.

We picked it up for you.

Zodiac sign fragrance, relaxing rich taste...

We do not recommend the use of lemon in terms of taste, smell and benefit during the consumption of our product.

Our recommendation for daily consumption is 2-3 cups.

Product shelf life is 2 years.

It is a bare product that is not ground, covered, or processed.

You can touch, bite, smell, eat, test anything.


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